Sean Rioux

Front-end developer, content strategist and UX/UI specialist

Hi! I’m Sean Rioux, a front end developer with a background in design, and new media. Currently I work as a team lead and front end developer with a company called Therefore. At Therefore I work with the Drupal content management system to build usable and accessible web sites.

My work also involves a lot of planning and client engagement. Information architecture is my specialty and I enjoy building really complex content models. In that capacity, I’m also a co-organizer of the Toronto Content Strategy meetup where I bring a technical perspective to the content strategy mix.

Coming from a background in design I’m a strong believer that UI/UX thinking is critical to building sustainable applications. While I don’t tout myself as a designer, I do my best to bring strong design thinking to everything I build.

In my spare time I’m always looking for ways to advance my technical knowledge in the realm of front end development. I’m a big fan of modern Javascript frameworks like Ember, and Angular. Having worked as a blog contributor in the past at Apartment Therapy Tech I also enjoy writing. On Medium you can find my publication Artwar which explores the culture of new media.

Front end development

Working with modern frontend workflows to deliver accessible web sites and applications

Information architecture and content strategy

Building robust and specialized content management and distribution solutions

User interface and experience

Delivering meaningful and considerate interaction and experience design

And more...